Exceptional Art


Guido Daniele is a genius real-life illustrator and famous worldwide for his unparalleled ability to bring Nature's art to the human hand and body.


He was born in Soverato (CZ - Italy) before honing his artistic skills at dedicated art schools in Brera, Italy and Tankas in Dharamsala, India. His artistic focus is on hyper-realistic illustrations, which he started to paint on traditional media such as canvas and walls until he discovered his real gift: Painting works of art on the human body and, in particular, on human hands.


He is most famous now for his Handimals, depictions of animals painted directly onto the hands of volunteers, so life-like that spectators often spend many minutes marvelling at the intricate level of detail that Guido puts into his mesmerizing works. His main drive in this art is to raise awareness for the fragility of Nature and how we, as humans, have a responsiblity to preserve and protect it.



Guido Daniele: The Artist



He uses his brilliant imagination to apply the same creative forces and skills on the whole human body: Many widely known companies have asked him to help them at fashion shows, exhibitions and during advertising campaigns worldwide (AT&T, Coca Cola, Kia, Sergio Rossi, Magnum, and many more...).


In addition to many of the photographs and the information that you can find on here, please take a look at Guido's own website for the most up-to-date examples of his art and recent events, and once you have let yourself won over, contact us so that we can discuss how Guido can put your new product or project into the limelight!

Guido Daniele portrait 5 cropped in half