Exceptional Art


Advertising Campaigns

In today's busy and hectic times, if you want to capture the consumer's attention, you have to surprise him or shock her. Guido's art lends itself perfectly to the world of advertising, because it does exactly that: It arrests the observer's eye on the object of the art, as the eye recognises that something is "wrong", novel or unexpected. In addition, using the theme of Nature as the underlying current never fails to attract human curiosity, especially when viewed by people who have grown up in the Urban Jungle yet yearn to closely experience the real world of animals and plants.


Many smart, globally acting organisations such as the WWF, AT&T, Kia, Sergio Rossi, Toy Watch, The Coca Cola Company (to name but a few) have recognised that draw which Guido'a art attracts and asked him to collaborate on advertising campaigns with him, a few examples of which you can see in the photographs to your right.


If you are interested in working with us on such a campaign for your own company, please get in touch with us using the details provided under "Contact".